Hello! My name is Himanshu.

I'm a multidisciplinary product designer with experience in user research, design thinking and user experience. I'm currently a part of the design team at Adobe, India. Below, are some in-depth case studies with more context and better insight into how I approach design.

Web Based Meeting Client
A web (HTML5) based meeting client which offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.
[Protected], 2016, Product Design, UX, Web-Design
A real-time data tracking app of plants enabling users to follow, track and adopt nearby plants by leveraging the concepts of social networks and gamification.
2015, UX, UI, IoT, Hackathon
A low cost medical kit for increasing the adherence towards TB therapy, which makes the patients aware about the disease combined with supervising the therapy.
2013, User Research, ICT4D, User-centered Design, Health & Wellness
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